My Book of Hope

Days full of joy, days full of pain
But my dreams, they stay the same
Never come true, never will be
Never will be my reality

Every wish written down
Every wish cursed to drown
These lights in my eyes
Look like lonely fireflies

Lonely in the darkness
No chance to escape
Every dream no matter how old
Filed forever in my book of hope

Tell me: is it my destiny?
Through the snow on my bare feet?
Slave of the world around
But to my dreams forever bound
The fallen Brave

Born where I never will fit in
Born where I don’t feel like living
Living at a battlefield
Life ahead, no chance to flee
Sword in their hand but no one to kill
Only one task to fulfill
Devotion, devotion
No damn emotion
Shown to the schemes that surround me
To the truths that torture me
Never willing to bend
It’s the end
The end of hope
The end of glory
The fallen warrior I see
When I look into the mirror: It’s me!
Me against...

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Who I am, who I will be?
Who I like to be?
Who you want me to be?

Do you know?
Not out of the row.
Not just for show.
You’re not like me
Do you wish to be?

Dreamily she looks to the sky
The young woman almost starts to cry
„Here I am!“ she whispers into the night
To the moon, which shines so bright
She doesn’t know who he is
And it is incredible to miss
Him because she didn’t see him before
She can’t stand it anymore
„ Where are you?“
She doesn’t know what to do
Annabelle whispers his name „...“
Life is a cruel game

In the cold north far away
A young man ends his day
He thinks about the last night
And starts staring into the light
He drinks a beer
And thinks about his dear
In a dream he had
Reality makes him sad
„She is somewhere...“
But does she know? Does she care?
His wish is to see her and to tell
How he feels about Annabelle

Fighting for my chance
To break out
Of this cage and chains
To be found
I am the lost
My soul can‘t be free
I feel like a ghost
I can not flee

Lonely in the darkness
Feel my within thunderstorm
I‘m alone with all my pain
Locked in a chest
Surrounded by a chain
A lightning hits my heart...
That turned to stone
A long time ago